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YGCG Vision

To contribute to the greater good of society by being your enabler through our products and services.

YGCG Mission

Our mission at YGCG is to care for our community, society and the world we live in from the products we make to the ways and services that we provide. We want to make life safer, easier, and be your partner to change the world for the better.


YGCG is a Singaporean company incorporated in 2015. It’s vision is to contribute to the greater good of society by being an enabler for other organizations through it’s professional products and services. YGCG is helmed by Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gun Kai Chong. Our team at YGCG consists of diverse professionals from varied industries. We pride ourselves in having immense industry knowledge and a wide network of contacts. At the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, our YGCG team has the foresight and contacts to secure a continuous and sustainable supply of regulation and international standards certified and trusted face mask and nitrile gloves. True to YGCG’s vision and mission to make the world a better place for everyone, YGCG is committed to providing the needed and right PPE for health care workers as well as the general public. YGCG is open to enabling organizations working towards these same objectives and goals by being a trusted supply partner.


The tenet of YGCG’s philosophy is to contribute to the greater good of society through YGCG’s products and services. With the COVID-19 epidemic sweeping the world, healthcare workers at the frontline defence of this pandemic are facing a shortage of trusted and certified personal protection equipment (PPE).  YGCG, a Singaporean company, is playing its part by being a source and supply of much needed certified critical PPE and medical devices. YGCG’s main product line is YGCG branded certified nitrile gloves manufactured from the world’s top OEM glove factories located in Malaysia.

YGCG’s focus on reliability and adherence to certified international safety standards allow the YGCG brand to be a standard-bearer of trusted critical PPE and medical devices globally. This allows the YGCG brand to be a guarantee of reliability and gives assurance to health care workers and anyone using YGCG branded nitrile gloves that they are using products that meet critical certified international safety and medical standards: C E Regulation, ASTM standards (e.g. D 6319, ASTM D 6124, ASTM D 5712), EN standards (e.g. EN 455), ISO standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485), FDA Regulations (e.g 510k pre-market notification).


  • Supports the growth of Small and Medium-Sized
    Enterprises (SMEs) through our Factoring services.
  • Produces high quality of products with the strictest quality control under our house brand YGCG.
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